Applications that require instant analysis and computation, and where response time is critical often use in-memory databases.

Starting in the mid-2000s, because the price of RAM became more affordable, in-memory databases have gained a lot of traction, especially in the data analytics industry.

Versatility and ease of use make inMemory+ an ideal tool for capturing previously untapped value in your data. inMemory+ will speed up existing applications and analytics, and enable real-time use of your data in ways that were previously unavailable. With its storage architecture and ability to query relational data, inMemory+ is a flexible solution that addresses your data processing and growing storage requirements. Data is most valuable at the time it is created, and inMemory+ allows businesses to access, analyze, and act on data in real-time.

Real-Time Business Intelligence (BI)

Real-time business intelligence is an approach to data analytics that facilitates the delivery of business operations information as they occur. Real-time means near to zero latency and access to information whenever it is required. The speed of today's processing systems has moved classical data warehousing into the realm of real-time. As data increases, even the most advanced business intelligence software cannot update dashboards and produce reports in real-time due to slow back end databases. inMemory+ provides real-time support to enterprises that need to react immediately to events as they occur.

Using inMemory+ allows you to generate reports and update dashboards in real-time because inMemory+ can run analytical queries very fast even if the data is being inserted/updated at the same time. Monitor and analyze business operational data in real-time and increase the performance of your BI software with inMemory+.

Social Media Analysis

Today a large number of people are using social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Businesses are increasingly aware of this and are turning to social networks to help market their products and services. Companies are using various tools and applications that help them understand, respond to, and extract valuable insights from their customers’ social media conversations. Using inMemory+ you can quickly and easily analyze terabytes of data harvested from social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to help you gain insights throughout your organization to enhance customer care, brand marketing, public and community relations, merchandising, and more.

Caching Server

Many applications today are being developed and deployed on multi-tier environments that involve browser-based clients, web application servers, and back-end databases. These applications need to generate web pages on-demand by talking to back-end databases because of their dynamic nature, making middle-tier database caching an effective approach to achieve high scalability and performance.

inMemory+ can be used as a data caching server that sits between application and the database. Applications can load data from the database server and store it in inMemory+ for fast retrieval. Using inMemory+ as a data caching server will make applications scalable by distributing the query workload from back-end database servers to in memory. It also increases an application's availability by allowing it to fetch data from cached tables even if the back-end server is unavailable.

Operational Analytics

Operational analytics on large volumes of data in legacy databases is slow or impossible. inMemory+ can be used to build dashboards with charts that show both real-time and historical operational data. inMemory+ can run analytical queries while loading data, enabling dashboards to display real-time operational metrics. inMemory+ supports standard SQL which makes it an easy-to-use development platform.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has fired up the imaginations of many companies, whether small or large, that are looking to cut costs. There seems to be an ever-increasing number of companies who look to the cloud to find the magic bullet that will solve many IT problems. Most critical requirements of a cloud application include multi-tenancy, high performance, and of course security. All of these requirements can be easily achieved by using inMemory+ as the backend of a cloud application because inMemory+ provides support for multi-tenancy, security, and high performance.

Real-Time Personalization and Segmentation

Real-time personalization and customer segmentation can help companies convert more people into customers. Customers will be more informed and have a much better understanding of the products sold by companies. Legacy databases are slow and do not have the power to provide real-time data to applications. With inMemory+, accurate and real-time information allows businesses to make per-event decisions on individual customers and monitor the impact of those decisions so that performance can be improved.

Application Acceleration

Slow applications degrade the user experience, delay business insights, and ultimately threaten revenue. With its high speed and standard ANSI SQL support, inMemory+ is a powerful solution that fixes application performance issues. inMemory+ is also an ideal platform for developing new applications. Its speed and scalability means performance will never be an issue for new applications.

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