Product Overview

inMemory+ has provided a solution for situations where response time is critical, especially in the data analytics space. It is a database management system that primarily relies on computerís main memory for data storage. Main memory databases are faster than disk-optimized databases since the internal optimization algorithms are simpler and execute fewer CPU instructions. Accessing data in memory eliminates seek time when querying the data, which provides faster and more predictable performance than disk-based database management systems.

inMemory+ is the distributed in-memory database that provides real-time analytics on Big Data, empowering organizations to:

  • Make data-driven decisions.
  • Better engage customers.
  • Discover competitive advantages.

The lightning speed of inMemory+ provides an advantage over its competitors due to its consumption of millions of operations per second, concurrent OLAP and OLTP requests, and sub-millisecond response times on terabyte-scale workloads. inMemory+ provides standard SQL support. Users can perform standard schema operations such as add tables, drop tables, add columns, drop columns, insert and retrieve data through familiar SQL syntax. It provides a user-friendly interface for performing schema operations. inMemory+ supports caching to boost query results. Data can be imported and exported in most standard formats, e.g., XML, Excel, CSV, Access, and SQL Server. Scheduled jobs can be created for continuous data synchronization activities.

inMemory+ uses distributed architecture. Its shared-nothing architecture is highly scalable. With just a few clicks it enables your system to scale out on commodity hardware machines. It involves the roles of Master and Slave Nodes in which each node is independent and self-sufficient and there is no single point of contention across the system and none of the nodes share memory or disk storage. The Master Node is primarily responsible for data distribution and accumulating the query results. Slave Nodes are the data carrier on which actual data resides.

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