The Lightning Fast inMemory+ Database

inMemory+ brings lighting speed to your application with its multicore processing capability. inMemory+ has the capability to process millions of operations through multicore processing. You can see in the diagram how inMemory+ is harnessing the underlying CPU cores while processing data.

Super Charge Your Application

  • inMemory+ is very fast and efficient and has an in-memory relational engine.
  • inMemory+ accommodates most demanding and standard support SQL query languages.
  • inMemory+ has the capability to scale out to an unlimited number of machines.
  • inMemory+ has a user-friendly interface.
  • Accelerate applications and power real-time operational analytics with inMemory+.
  • Flexible scale-out on commodity hardware to maximize performance and ROI.
  • Analyze real-time and historical data together.
  • Get data in JSON and XML formats.

inMemory+ offers a modern in-memory database that is scalable to easily handle fast data, powerful to make it smart, and fault tolerant in both back-office and cloud environments. By leveraging the distributed architectural elements, inMemory+ database is able to achieve performance, scaling, and high availability never before possible.

inMemory+ supports several client access methods including ad hoc queries and HTTP based Restful services. Client libraries in a variety of popular programming languages are available for writing inMemory+ applications.

Many computers and workstations have two or more cores (CPUs) that enable multiple threads to be executed simultaneously. To take advantage of the hardware of today and tomorrow, inMemory+ distributes work across multiple processors. This results in a significant increase in performance and efficient utilization of the available system resources.

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