Advanced and Intelligent data synchronization

inMemory+ has the capability to synchronize data with a wide variety of data source like SQL Server, XML, MS Access, CSV, etc. The synchronization processes can also be scheduled to run on different intervals.

Data Synchronization

Data Synchronizer enables your organization to achieve accurate and consistent data across operational and transactional systems. With this data synchronization solution, your organization can quickly build business logic that handles the most complex data synchronization projects and reuse the same logic across data synchronization projects in batch, near-real-time, and real-time modes. The results are high performance, greater data accuracy and consistency, and a lower cost of ownership. The following are the benefits of using our data synchronization solution:

  • Reduce the risk and minimize the common errors of data synchronization projects
  • Lower IT costs of data synchronization by minimizing the time spent on integration and maintenance
  • Improve business performance by ensuring up-to-date, higher quality data across systems and people
  • Improve data security, compliance, and visibility across the company, partners, and customers

inMemory+ provides the functionality to create manual and automatic jobs. Furthermore, you can also see a list of all the jobs and can manipulate them as well.

Data Synchronizer

inMemory+ provides the following data sources to import and export data.

  • SQL server
  • XML
  • Access
  • Excel
  • CSV
Data synchronization jobs can easily be added through the user interface. A user provides the information, such as the Source data connection from where data will be imported. Then the target data Destination where data should be placed is selected, using the (schema) mappings. The last step is where the user can set a different configuration and then save the job.

Data Scheduler

To import and export data, synchronizer jobs can be scheduled on different time intervals. There are different options available for automatic jobs, for example, with the option occur once selected a job will run only once on the defined interval. When recurring option is selected the user can select different options like daily, weekly, monthly, etc.

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